Dune (на языке оригинала) (12+)

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Please note that in our cinema, viewers are invited to watch an exclusive version of the film in IMAX technology. The creators of the film tried and prepared for showing on IMAX screens a version that contains images 26% larger in size compared to the usual cinema screens. Everyone will be able to not just watch the movie, but literally immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the movie — instead of the usual eye aspect ratio of 2.4: 1, the movie will be shown in 1.9: 1 format.

Events unfold in the distant future. Duke Leto Atreides (Oscar Isaac) takes control of the desert planet Arrakis, the only source of the rarest and most valuable substance in the universe. This substance, acting like a drug, prolongs human life and significantly improves mental abilities. Possession of matter guarantees dominance in the universe. However, now the planet Arrakis is filled with giant sand worms. The duke's son, the young and talented Paul (Timothy Shalame), must travel to the terrible planet to ensure that his family rules it.

The fantasy adventure drama «Dune» will be the third adaptation of the work of the same name by American writer Frank Herbert. The novel was published in 1965. In all, Herbert has written six books on a common theme. In 1984, a feature film was made, and in 2000 — a miniseries. Work on the new film began in 2008. The main filming process took place in 2019 in Hungary and Jordan.

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